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O2 Blue Bar

Instantly famous the Chiltern Firehouse is the first Andre Balazs property in the UK. Exquisitely designed the restaurant and hotel has taken London by storm and never seems to be out of the papers having hosted everyone from Bill Clinton to Kate Moss.

System Five were very proud to be associated with this super high end development and worked closely with the main contractor Knight Harwood to deliver the project. For more on the Chiltern Firehouse either just google it for all the latest news or visit www.chilternfirehouse.com

O2 Blue Bar

The Laboratory of Molecular Biology.
Completed in 2013 and maintained by ourselves the LMB building is practically a machine in itself. With over 250,000 I/O points and featuring dedicated service floors System Five delivered the project which at the time was the largest Honeywell Centraline  project in the UK.

The building’s design is reminiscent of paired chromosomes with the heavy plant being in either a separate energy centre or service towers. For more information on the building and the work carried out in it please visit http://www2.mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk/about-lmb/building-and-facilities/

  ICH Westminster  
O2 Blue Bar

The Intercontinental Westminster is an exciting new addition to the capital city's roster of fine hotels. It has recently opened to much acclaim and this is testament to the quality of the hotel both in its construction and services.

System Five were proud to provide the BMS for this hotel including data interfaces to an extensive VRV system and a hotel booking system. For more information on the Intercontinental Westminster click here


Royal Academy of Engineering

20 Gracechurhc Street

Knight Harwood were the lucky main contractor when the works to the prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering came up. In turn System Five were lucky enough to be chosen by them to carry out the BMS installation to the project.

This involved the provision of controls to the new air plant and VAV boxes in the meeting spaces including iPad accessibility. For more information on the RAE works and Knight Harwood please see here


The Ark – Hammersmith

Royal College of Surgeons

The Ark has been a familiar sight to those traveling to through Hammersmith, especially on the A4, since 1989 when the distinctive building was constructed. In 2007 after the purchase of the building by General Electric an extensive program of refurbishment was commenced which included the replacement of several hundred FCUs.

System Five provided the Trend controls for around half of these along with network, base plant and head end works. For more information on the landmark building click here


Academy Central

Aldgate House

Academy Central is a large residential development mainly constructed on the site of the old Barking College and consists of mixed use housing consisting of 1, 2, 3 & 4 bedroomed homes all provided with heat from a central energy centre with mixed heat sources including biomass, CHP and gas boilers.

System Five were proud to provide the BMS control system for the system which incorporated a large form four panel complete with TP+N pan assembly to manage and control the central systems along with an extensive fibre optic network to integrate the demands of the remote distribution systems thus enabling all systems to operate at peak efficiency.

For more information on the project see here


Morden Hall Park – Living Green

Aldgate House

The National Trust has just announced a plan to obtain half it's use of fossil fuels on it's their estate by 2020. The pilot scheme for this was the Living Green project at Morden Hall Park in South London for which System Five provided a Honeywell Centraline based energy monitoring system.

The system consists of a Hawk controller which monitors various systems including electricity consumption and rainwater use and storage and reports on it via a large flat screen display allowing visitors to understand how the site works and the extents of the energy saving possible.

Read more on the scheme here on the National Trust's website here  and see the BBC article on the overall scheme here.

  O2 Blue Bar - London  
O2 Blue Bar

When the redevelopment of the old Millenium Dome was underway and BMS controls were required for the exclusive O2 Blue Bar located within the amazing O2 venue System Five were selected to provide these.

The solution was installed in 2007 and provides comfort for the O2 mobile phone users and their guests while they enjoy the ambience including an amazing video wall where users can upload their own wallpaper for the bar.

Learn more about the O2 here. As well as the Blue Bar System Five Controls also supplied and installed the BMS controls for two other bars within the venue.

  20 Gracechurch Street - London  
20 Gracechurhc Street

The landmark building has finally come up for a complete internal refurbishment and System Five Controls were the successful bidder for the main tower works.

A comprehensive Trend system for VAV is installed to provide comfort. Learn more about the 20 Gracechurch Street redevelopment here.

  Royal College of Surgeons  
Royal College of Surgeons

System Five Controls Ltd recently installed a complete new BMS system to the refurbished surgical area. This involved the installation of controls for both the lab areas and surgical practice theatre.

The new system integrated new Trend IQ3 web ethernet based controls seamlessly with the exisiting in house system providing comprehensive control and reporting facilities. Learn more about the amazing work being done by the Royal College of Surgeons here.

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